Guaranteed rent London. Letting agent in London and South East.

We provide guaranteed rental income in London and South East, making peace of mind your priority.


Our trusted guaranteed rent scheme in London, means we can take care of everything whilst you focus on what is most important, yourself. We will look after the property as if it is one of our own, providing you with a fixed guaranteed rental income for up to 5 years.

Our alternative lettings scheme makes it possible for landlords to collect rental income regardless of market conditions. We’ll handle every aspect of the agreement: seeking out tenants; contracts and paperwork; collecting payments; managing and maintaining the property. Our guaranteed rental scheme in London is the ideal arrangement for landlords who want to secure a consistent rental income without the hassle of the traditional letting agreements.

With a combined total of over 50 years of experience in the property market, we are always well prepared to manage your property properly and professionally. At Galaxy Lettings, we have built our reputation on providing the very best customer service. We endeavour to make every transaction as easy and efficient as possible so that you can seriously reduce your workload without sacrificing the earnings.


We would effectively become your tenant after agreeing the rental amount with you. You are guaranteed a fixed rental income even if the property is empty or the tenant decides to stop paying. Your rent is always secure, giving you total peace of mind. 

If the tenant stops paying, decides to leave without notice, damages the property or forces us to take an eviction order to remove them – we will take the financial burden, not you.

Choose a guaranteed rent term between 1 year or anything up to 5 years, providing a steady income on your rental properties. 


We sign an agreement with you to manage your property for a specific period of time and in return, we will guarantee you a set monthly rental income. Given the risks involved as a landlord, from non-payment of rent to other costs associated with difficult tenants including eviction, you will end up saving yourself thousands of pounds should any negative situation arise due to the tenant.

Operating since 2003, Galaxy Lettings has robust financial resources and systems in place to be able to offer such guarantees, and a long trust-worthy track record in delivering on these. We are very selective about the properties and the tenants that we take on, whether they are private or from local authorities. In this way, we are able to protect both our interests and our clients’ interests.


  • Enjoy hassle-free, easy setup
  • Property returned in original condition, minus wear and tear
  • Secure start and end dates on every contract
  • We can lease the property between 1 – 5 years
  • Rent paid on the same day every month, set by you to suit you
  • Rent paid even if the property is empty (non-void period)
  • We take care of any evictions
  • No commission, hidden fees or additional charges
  • We vet and carefully select suitable tenants you can trust
  • Fixed monthly payments for up to 5 years
  • A fully-managed property service as part of the contract
  • Regular property inspections and maintenance
  • Making peace of mind your priority as you will be paid no matter what



  • A 0% commission full management service at the company's discretion
  • Inspection on the property every 8 - 12 weeks
  • A free inventory: Gas Safe certificate and Energy Performance certificate
  • Internal condition guaranteed, subject to fair wear and tear
  • Minor repairs carried out for free
  • A hassle-free journey into letting your property with us

Please contact us at info@galaxylettings.com or, call us today on 0208 314 4949 and speak to one of our guaranteed rent experts.












I was fortunate to inherit property from my family in my late 20’s, my partner being a builder at the time we decided to fix the house up and rent the house to a couple. I, myself had been living in the house for about 5 years with no major problems, it seemed like an easy option to rent out the house myself as any problems my partner could fix, and I’d receive more money this way. Soon enough I found some lovely tenants who were really excited to move in together.  Within the first month it seemed like EVERYTHING went wrong! There were leaks, the boiler broke down and one of the tiles came loose… the couple that moved in started complaining that things weren’t getting repaired quick enough in their eyes, they packed up and moved out with no warning, this left me without rent for months whilst still needing to pay rent on my current flat. They didn’t receive their deposit as they left without notice but that wasn’t even close to covering the bills that had incurred. I had to balance a full-time job, pay rent on two properties and get all the fixtures done in the house whilst reading up legal terms on what to do next. The whole process was just a nightmare, I read about stories that were way worse where it ended up costing the home-owners thousands of pounds, it really put me off. I researched property lettings agencies and wanted a company that treated the property like their own home. I ended up choosing Galaxy Lettings because of the nice initial enoucnter I had, the office had a family feel which I liked. They’ve been really helpful actually and I’ve been able to be really involved in the process. Thank you to Ed and his team!