Airtech, the ventilation specialists, has undertaken radon mitigation works for specialist rural housing association, Hastoe. Radon sumps or Air+ Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) units were installed in 61 homes across Hastoe’s West region, from Cornwall to Wiltshire, to reduce Radon levels.

Hastoe appointed Airtech to carry out the vital works to reduce radon levels following testing undertaken by one of Hastoe’s consultants. Airtech recommended the best method to reduce levels in each individual property before installing a sump or Air+ PIV unit. While working on this contract Airtech also repaired and replaced extract fans in a number of the 61 houses and also undertook radon testing in five freehold properties at one of Hastoe’s schemes. Plus, Airtech also undertakes small works for Hastoe’s response repairs team on a day-to-day basis.

Kirsty McGivney, Senior Surveyor, Hastoe Group said,

“Airtech have been great to work with and we are very pleased with the outcome. They were very good at communicating with us throughout the work and also dealing with variations along the way. They keep our residents happy too which is vital.”

“Our residents are always complimentary about Airtech’s communication, arranging proposed works, workmanship, organisation and friendly approach to work.”

PIV is a proven and effective way of significantly reducing radon gas levels. Air+ PIV forces contaminated air out of a home by introducing fresh air into the property. Located in the loft, the AIR+ PIV draws fresh air into the loft cavity where it is filtered via high grade G4 or F7 filters and warmed before being slowly added into the habitable areas of the house. Air+ PIV features an easy fix anti-vibration base and hanging kit as standard and integral dynamic controls allow for bespoke installation set up as well as data recall showing running conditions and unit performance.

In properties with very high levels of radon they may need to have an active radon sump, fitted with a fan. Sumps work effectively under solid floors, and under suspended floors if the ground is covered with concrete or a membrane.

Airtech offers social housing providers a complete solution to help protect residents from the risks caused by Radon gas in the home. Domestic exposure to radon increases the risk of lung cancer, with 1,000 to 2,000 deaths each year estimated to be caused by exposure to the gas. Since Landlords have a responsibility to their tenants under Duty of Care and the Housing Act to provide a safe home, radon is a major consideration for social housing providers. Airtech has 30 years of experience in radon prevention and can offer a full range of products and services, from radon testing to full remediation of housing stock.

Helping offer peace of mind to social housing providers, Airtech can effectively test housing stock for radon through an efficiently organised programme to ensure all required properties are tested within necessary time scales. To ensure accurate testing Airtech leave test pods in properties for a three-month period to help ensure correct radon readings are collected. Once tested, if a home is above 200Bq/m³, the action level set by the UK Government for homes, then Airtech will advise remediation measures.

Social housing providers can be assured that Airtech can offer a complete solution to radon prevention. Airtech are not just another ventilation company. They are specialists in radon prevention and condensation and mould control solutions. A company with over 30 years’ experience Airtech uses diagnostics, analysis and treatment techniques to mitigate radon and control condensation and mould.

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