Landlords looking to spruce up their properties quickly and easily at tenant changeover time would be well advised to check out V33 Multi-Surface Renovation, the major new innovation in white emulsion. The paint offers landlords major time- and cost-saving benefits when redecorating interiors, whilst ensuring a great finish that will keep properties looking presentable over an extensive period.

The composition of this ground-breaking white paint means it can be used quickly to transform multiple surfaces including ceilings, plaster, radiators, doors and panelling, window frames plus painted or papered walls in just one coat. Using V33 Multi-Surface Renovation means that landlords can now easily tackle what might otherwise have been perceived as onerous work, without having to be experts in decorating.

V33 Multi-Surface Renovation is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. So now a whole room can be redecorated quickly and easily, with a truly tough and durable resultant finish, thereby helping to reduce the ‘down time’ of a property and ensure continuity of rental income.

Featuring an integrated undercoat, V33 Multi-Surface Renovation can be used to cover at least twenty different surfaces, including bare, varnished and stained wood, plasterboard, copper, concrete, bricks, ceiling tiles, lining paper, polystyrene, MDF and bare, painted, varnished or stained wood. And thanks to its 98% opacity matt finish, it is ideal for hiding marks or colours.

The V33 brand is well established in Europe, particularly in France, where it has already garnered a great reputation for its high quality products.

Housing Management & Maintenance (HMM). 2020 V33.
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